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Bathroom Tile

Bathroom remodel or bathroom makeover…

Ceramic tile, Stone tile, and Glass tile are the perfect materials
for the job.

There are so many ways to use tile in your bathroom design ideas. Decorating with tile in your bathroom renovation also provides the best protection from water and all the activities related to this part of the home.

The following are the different ways you can use Ceramic tile, stone tile , and/or glass tile.


Bathroom Floor Tile

Mold, Mildew, rot, and staining are the biggest problems in the bathroom. Ceramic tile is the ideal floor covering to repel these bathroom menaces.

Properly installed
bathroom floor tile will provide many years of service. No matter how often water ends up on the floor, or how long it sits there, wipe ups are effortless and there is never any effect to the finish.

The bathroom is a low traffic area and in many cases bare feet and stockings are as rough as it gets. An added pleasure for those bare feet is
electric radiant floor heat. Warm tiles are a great way to start your day.


Shower Tile

Tile is the superior finish for a shower stall.

The tile shower can be built to any size and shape you desire, you are not limited by preformed shapes.

The tile shower can have other amenities built in, such as tiled
shower bench, and built-in shower niche. A shower shelf can be made of glazed ceramic, or fabricated from marble or granite.

Shower tile designs can range from a 3 ft by 4 ft stall shower with an enclosure or curtain, to the large open showers requiring no enclosure, or the fully enclosed steam shower.

From the ceramic tile shower to the travertine shower the all tile shower is the most attractive bathroom creation.


Tub Surround

The tile tub surround is the next best thing to an all tile shower.

 The bath tub is not used for bathing as much as it used too. The combination tub shower is installed with a full height tile tub surround making the bath tub a practical and efficient use of space.

Soaking tubs require more space and are usually not installed with shower capabilities, except maybe a hand held shower for use in the tub requiring a minimal tub splash.

The tile bath tub surround can also have a built in tile niche, and tile shower shelves. The Tile bathtub surround is an outstanding bathroom convenience.


Bathroom Countertop

The different bathroom counter tops and pedestal sinks available today have made the bathroom tile countertop  less common as it once was.

With the advancements in tile grout and sealers the grout joint is becoming less of a cleaning issue and the tile
countertop is making a comeback.

Wall Tile

Bathroom wall Tile is a striking designer look. Although a little more expensive than paint, tiling bathroom walls to the ceiling is an exceptional look.

The more common use of bathroom wall tile is a wainscoting approximately 36 to 48 inches high, the standard height is about 42 inches high.

This height works as a good splash height behind the bathroom countertop or pedestal sink.

Switches and outlets must be either completely on the surface of the tile or completely off, 42 inches comes in just under the standard 48 inch switch height.

Medicine cabinets and mirrors will be install above the height of the tile without being too high for the mirror to
be used comfortably.

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