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Kitchen Tile

Are you are considering a complete kitchen remodel, or maybe a simple kitchen makeover? Then tile has to be part of your Kitchen Renovation.

Kitchen tile can mean something different to different person, but generally your kitchen tile design ideas can be broken in to three areas.

Kitchen Floor Tile

Your Kitchen is a probably the highest traffic room in the whole house. In addition to traffic, kitchen flooring is also subjected to spills of all kinds, food, appliance moving, repeated cleaning and the cleaning products that that  brings.

Though I have seen carpet in the kitchen, it is usually when I am tearing it out because it is so worn and stained.

Vinyl, either sheet or tile, is a kitchen flooring that can handle spills, but traffic and cleaning takes their toll over the years.

In Connecticut, hard wood is a very popular floor but wear and tear dulls the finish, moving appliances and the inevitable dropped glass of milk, jar of jelly, or can of soup can deeply scratch and dent the surface.

Tile is truly the ideal kitchen floor material
. Selecting the appropriate tile, and installing it correctly, will give you a kitchen floor that will withstand the test of time.


Kitchen Backsplash

A painted backsplash is plain and lifeless. Behind the sink and the stove those unavoidable splashes leave their mark for years, or until the next coat of paint.

Tile brings the Kitchen backsplash to life
and protects these surfaces from those unsightly stains.

Along the Connecticut Shoreline, solid surface countertops are very popular.

No matter the type of countertop, whether it’s Granite, Marble, Corian, etc., a tile backsplash is the finishing touch that adds so much character and beauty to your kitchen.

The splash may be a small area but the results of tiling this often over looked area are huge.

Click here if you are curious about what's involved in having a Kitchen Backsplash installed.


Countertop Tile

Tiled Kitchen Countertops are definitely not as popular as they once were.

The biggest drawback to tile countertops has always been the grout joint, thus the popularity of the solid surface.

Over the past few years the tile industry has done a lot to improve grouts and sealers. This
technology has made cleaning the tile grout joint no more difficult than the necessary cleaning that is required for any counter top.

Epoxy grout, or a modified grout sealed with a quality sealer will keep stains out, and make wipe ups easy.

Yes these products are a little more expensive than the old standard grouts of the past, but not as expensive as most of the countertops on the market today.

So if you are looking for kitchen countertop ideas, consider tile.
Porcelain tile makes an excellent counter.

Granite tile countertops are a great way to get that Granite countertop for far less money.

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